In Praise of the Staycation

In Praise Of The StaycationThis weekend in Dubai will see a mass exodus of people escaping from the searing summer heat to cooler climes around the world. Not only do the kids break up from school but it’s also Eid Al Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan so a double whammy. Whilst some will just be opting for a short break to take account of the public holiday, many will be leaving for a good month or more to get some respite from the soaring temperatures.

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10 Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Mum

10 Things I Didn't Know About Being A MumThere are so many things that I now realise I had no clue about before becoming a Mum 5 months ago. From the brilliant to the less fantastic and some just bewildering, these are the things I didn’t know before last October.

How much shushing there would be

I don’t think I actually thought about how I would calm a crying baby whilst pregnant. I certainly didn’t realise approximately 80% of the first few months would be spent rocking a baby in my arms and going ‘shhhhhhushhhh’ over and over and over again until I resembled someone who should perhaps be in a secure facility. We did get a white noise app and a good friend gave us a sleep sheep but the manual shushing is still needed.

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The Baby Diaries – 3 Months

the-baby-diaries-3-monthsSo I totally missed my intended 1 and 2 month update posts, which just shows how much of a life changer having a baby has been. I’ve barely had chance to get to my desk and when I do I need to use the time to do paid work rather than update my blog. I’m now laughing at the dream world I lived in while pregnant thinking that I would work when he napped – WHAT NAPS????! When will he nap?! We are lucky at present as Casper is sleeping pretty well at night but doesn’t really nap well during the day which leaves very little time to get things done.

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