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6 Essential Items For New Parents


5-essentials-items-for-new-parentsNever has our house had so much stuff before. It’s hard to believe that babies need quite as much paraphernalia as they seem to. I’m sure we’ve gone massively over the top but so far most things we’ve bought have been used. The play mat may have been a little bit of an early purchase as he seems to get overwhelmed quickly but other than that, most of the things we’ve bought have already been well used. These are the things I’ve found to be the most useful


Casper loved this from the minute we got him home from hospital and popped him in. It’s designed to snuggle babies in a similar way to the womb and according to the marketing blurb helps to limit flat head, reflux and waking due to moro reflex. I’m not sure whether it does all of that but The Child does settle quite well in it and his sleep isn’t bad for a newborn. It’s easy to move about the house with you and at night we just put it in his crib in our room.

Medea Freestyle Double Breast Pump

I’d always intended to express if possible but held off buying a pump before giving birth as I wanted to make sure I could actually feed before I spent money on something I might not have been able to use. After we got home we decided we would purchase the pump we’d researched beforehand as feeding seemed to be going well. Yes, this pump is incredibly pricey but for me it’s been worth it even now with him only being 4 weeks old. As you’re pumping from both breasts it cuts the time in half which I’m realising now is a massive bonus when looking after a baby. I’m not sure where the time goes to?! I’ve also purchased the hands free bra attachment so I can pump while doing something else. Very, very handy for multi tasking even if you do feel like a cow at milking time whilst using it!

Aden & Anais Swaddles/Muslins

I love these swaddle cloths/muslins. They have a variety of uses and are super soft. They come in all sorts of cool colours and patterns. We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few as gifts and now I’m never more than an arms length from one. They’re absolutely perfect for our climate in Dubai when a blanket would often be too heavy in the daytime heat.

Babymoov Cosydream 

When we first put Casper in the pram I felt he was far too unsecure in such a big space. Especially as he was used to the Cocoonababy for sleeping. When they actually exist, the pavements in Dubai are quite uneven and bumpy and the poor baby was being jostled about all over the place. A friend in the UK told me about the Cosydream by Babymoov for the buggy, the amazing Db Babies here in Dubai delivered one the same day and we’ve not looked back. He loves the pram now he’s all snuggly and secure and you can adjust the support under the bum as they grow.

Pacapod Changing Bag

These changing bags are amazing for those who like to be super organised. I absolutely love the separate pods for changing and feeding, keeping everything where it’s supposed to be. It’s very easy to pop to the changing room just with the changing pod which is great if The Husband doesn’t want to drag the whole bag with him. It also means I can find everything very quickly, essential when you’ve got a yowling baby demanding to be changed or fed!

Sound Sleeper App

I’ve had various recommendations for a white noise machine to help the wee one settle when it’s time to sleep and I’m currently waiting on a sleep sheep being bought over by the in laws, donated by a close friend. In the meantime we’re using an app called Sound Sleeper and it’s been a god send in the middle of the night when he’s fractious and we’re tired of walking up and down. Highly recommended for sleep deprived parents.

If anyone has another other recommendations for must have items please do let me know, I’m always on the lookout for things that will make this job easier!

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