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The Baby Diaries: 12 Months


I’ve been pretty crap at keeping up my baby diaries, mostly down to the fact that I have an actual baby to look after and work to do. But still, I am disappointed in myself. I love writing my blog, I just never seem to find the time when it’s usually a choice between that and paid work or sleep. But it’s a new era in the McKechnie house as our little angel has started nursery! I’m hoping this means I will have much more time, both to work and to blog.

Convention dictates that I say I can’t believe it’s a year since he was born, however, that wouldn’t be true for me. I can totally believe it’s been that long as so much has happened life is now completely different. 12 months ago I had no idea about the bombshell that was about to hit or how my focus would never quite be the same again.

I didn’t understand what it would feel like to be responsible for this tiny human and to be the one (along with The Husband) to make all the decisions about what is right for him. I still often think to myself for a split second ‘where are the adults? They’ll know what to do.’ Then I realise that’s me, I am the adult. Doh! Before you have kids, even if you have a job and a mortgage you can probably still pretend you’re not really a grown up. After kids, you have to put your big girl pants on and sort it out yourself.

I also didn’t know what it would feel like to be desperate for some alone time and then as soon as you get it, you’re craving the feeling of their little body in your arms. That every time you leave them in the beginning you have what one of my favourite Mum bloggers, The Unmumsy Mum, calls ‘hurty heart’.

I didn’t know how hard packing would be or leaving the house. We’ve done a LOT of travelling in Casper’s first year. He’s been on 12 Flights, 10 of them international and 8 of them medium haul (6 hours or more). We’ve also been on two staycations within the UAE. I have to say I’m a lot better at packing for trips involving a flight than I am for ones where we’re driving to a hotel. On the first staycation I managed to forget all my clothes. On the second, I forgot all his spoons, bibs and sleepwear. Awesome parenting. I still miss the days of flitting out of the house at a moments notice.

I didn’t know how much STUFF was involved in parenting or how fast they would grow out of their clothes. I touched on this in an earlier post but honestly, I was totally stunned that I had to buy a whole new load of clothes so quickly. As an adult you get used to having clothes for years, it was a real shock that I kept having to buy more for him! We haven’t gone mad on the toy front and in fact when I go to other babies’ houses I feel we must be mean parents as he has very few in comparison to a lot of other kids. However, he still seems to have an enormous amount of plastic crap taking over the living room. Must get round to selling that bloody jumperoo.

I didn’t know how hard it would be when they start moving. I can’t believe I thought the newborn stage was tough. Although from what I hear, every stage has it’s challenges and rewards. Casper is so interactive now and a funny little soul which is ace. It’s less ace that he constantly wants to pull the TV over, stick his fingers in every socket and play in the kitchen drain. We love watching him develop though, I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever would have imagined. Just seeing him playing with toys and discovering the world is a real joy.

Ultimately I didn’t know how rewarding but knackering parenting is. People can tell you until they’re blue in the face but I guess until you experience it you don’t quite get it. I remember everyone telling me that it’s hard but worth it and in the beginning I kept thinking, ‘When? When will it be worth it?’ 12 months later I can safely say it’s definitely worth it. It’s been a fantastic year and I’m so excited to see what The Toddler Diaries will have to say.

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