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Best Baby Products – 1 Year In


I’ve already done one baby product recommendation post but that was when Casper was less than a month old I’ve used many more products for a lot longer since then. Also, with hindsight it’s easy to see what you’d do differently next time. These have been my absolute favourite products up to now.

The Yoyo

I love this buggy so much it’s hard to put into words. Whilst it has now spawned several copies from various manufacturers this is the original space saving buggy. The biggest defining feature of this pushchair when I bought it, was the fact that you can take it on the plane and pop it in the overhead locker. Even on the tiny, internal Flybe plane between Birmingham and Glasgow I was able to fit it in with no hassle from the crew as it takes up less room than a lot of people’s hand luggage. Being expats means we travel A LOT and this has been an absolute godsend to us. When I was travelling alone in the summer it was without doubt the best piece of kit in my arsenal meaning I didn’t have to hold a 10kg baby in my arms at busy baggage claim belts. Even when travelling with The Husband it’s still brilliant as we’ve been sat in long immigration queues and the baby has been able to snooze through it all.

Since being back in Dubai I’ve more or less dispensed with the heavy Bugaboo and now just use this everywhere. Not only does it hardly take up any space in the boot of the car, it’s extremely light and maneuverable. If I was to do it all again, I might be tempted to forgo the big, cumbersome Bugaboo altogether and just buy the newborn add on for the Yoyo. Watch this space though, I do absolutely love the Joolz buggy and the fact you can customise it!


The Britax Römer Dualfix

I feel the Maxi Cosi Pebble plus we bought to attach onto the Bugaboo was a bit of a swizz quite frankly. Maybe you’re one of those mums who used yours loads but Casper hated his car seat with a passion, so I invariably lifted him out anyway and popped him in the pram. As he got too big for the Maxi Cosi we bought the Britax 360 Romer and I have to say it’s genius the way it swivels. There are plenty of other 360 chairs out there but I really liked this look of this one and the real clincher was that it came out top in a lot of the safety tests. It’s probably already saved me from at least 2 trips to the Osteopath for back problems so while it might have been pricey I think it was money well spent. Next time I might just use this seat from birth with the newborn insert that comes with it.

360 Cups

We’ve just made the switch away from bottles altogether and replaced the night time bottle with the handle less 360 cup. I struggled with a lot of beakers and cups with Casper and he took a while to use any of them. Eventually he clicked with the 360 and we haven’t looked back. He took his morning milk from it with relatively few issues when we stopped that bottle and now we’ve cracked night time one as well by the look of things (I really shouldn’t have said this, we’ll probably have regression now).

Boon Grass dryer

It might be time for us to say goodbye for a while to this soon as we’ve stopped the bottles but it’s been a great product. I was totally fed up of the manky tea towel sat on the kitchen side for drying the bottles and pumping machine attachments and then I came across this. Not only is it really functional I also think it looks pretty cool in the kitchen as well. I really like this brand, we’ve also bought their bath pipe set which have gone down very well with the baby. (available on Amazon in the UK and at Just Kidding in the UAE)

Ikea High Chair

Initially I was going to buy the Stokke high chair that grows with your child but at near 1500 AED (300 quid) with all the attachments, I really felt I couldn’t justify the expense. Enter Ikea. This chair is pretty perfect and there’s a separate inflatable insert for use when your baby is very small and not supporting themselves all too well. You deflate it as they grow. For the princely sum of 88 AED  (approx 11 quid) for both I don’t think you can go far wrong with this product. Plus I like that there’s very few nooks and crannies so it’s incredibly easy to clean. I’m pretty much at the stage now where I’m considering just feeding Casper outside and then hosing him down.

Braun Head Thermometer

We started out with the ear thermometer and while it has served us well I was never entirely comfortable with it. I never knew if I had it in properly or if I’d pressed the right button (it seemed to beep all the time anyway). Then a friend of mine showed me this wondrous machine and I was a true convert. We’ve only just purchased it but it’s already been used on a number of occasions (on myself frequently, not always the baby. I may have a slight tendency towards hypochondria). It’s so simple and easy to use, a real game changer in the thermometer world!

Any other products you think have been brilliant? Please do share them, I’m always on the look out for something that will make life with a baby easier.


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