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Welcome to the new look Ipp&Co! I felt the old blog was looking a bit tired and neglected after a couple of years and it was definitely time for a refresh. It’s also time for a renewed commitment to posting much more frequently. It’s a fitting place to re launch as my blog was originally born with a bittersweet post about saying goodbye to some very close friends in Dubai. Happily, the close friends have now moved back to Dubai, two years later.

The beginning of Autumn will probably always feel like a time of new beginnings due to school starting again after the long summer break. Whilst I’m clearly not still at school myself and my child is not yet of school age I think this time of year stays with you from your own school and university days. This is heightened in Dubai with the mass summer exodus that occurs every year. During July and August all the sane people leave for cooler climes to escape the searing heat. The roads are quiet, you can get a table in most restaurants even when calling the same day and Spinneys carpark is mercifully quiet.

Come September and everyone is back in town, the roads are a mess again and you wont get a parking space at Spinneys on a Saturday for love nor money. Whilst it’s not until mid October that the weather really starts cooling down and being outside is something we actively seek rather than avoid at all costs, there is the relief that we’re over the worst of it now and the end is in sight.

Whilst I don’t yet have a child of school age, Casper has started nursery! He’s off to do 3 mornings a week at Toddler Town British Nursery and so far he’s having an absolute ball. He gets so much out of it by the looks of the pictures I get every day and they are doing far more with him than I could ever hope to do at home. Ours is not a ‘messy play’ kind of house! Far better he does all that at nursery with qualified staff. He’s already pretty happy about hanging out with people other than me and The Husband and I hope this will only increase his confidence around people he doesn’t know.

I’m really looking forward to having more time to work and concentrate on blogging in the next few months. That said, we’re so busy with birthdays, visitors and travel plans that I think it’ll be Christmas before I know it and I’ll be wondering where the hell all that extra time went to!

Let me know what you think of the new look blog


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Charlotte Fullam 1-Oct-17 - 5:58 pm

Looks and sounds great darling!

Krysia 4-Oct-17 - 1:47 pm

Thanks so much Charlotte!


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