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Hotel Stay: JW Marriot Venice Resort & Spa


JW Marriott Resort & Spa Water Taxi Entrance

We arrived in Venice on the Venice Simplon Orient Express as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader. Catch up here and here if you’ve not already read about our fab journey. By the time we reached Venice we were desperately in need of a cool shower due to there being no showers on the Orient Express and some AC after the sweltering temperatures on the train.

The JW Marriot Venice Resort & Spa is located on it’s own private island, Isola delle Rose, in the lagoon around 20 minutes by boat from St. Marks Square. We had arranged a private transfer to the hotel from Venice St Luzia station to make the journey as easy as possible. This proved a wise decision as it was one of the best and easiest hotel transfers we’ve had. We were met by a representative on the platform who then managed to somehow wheel our 4 cases down the quayside and load us straight onto the waiting water taxi.

Arrival at the hotel was impressive. I know a lot of Venice hotels have a water taxi entrance but this one looked beautiful and we felt it was a fitting end to our glamorous journey.

The décor of the hotel is modern, with lots of space and white walls. There’s a contemporary look and feel to all the furniture with oversized sculptures dotted around. We particularly liked the confectionery table you can help yourself to in the reception area.

Check in was smooth and we had no issues, it wasn’t long before we were heading up to our rooms and that much needed shower!

Standard Bedroom

Standard Bedroom

Our room was a good size with an additional seating area which helped when the two of us had our cases open. Our cases are Samsonite and open in the middle which makes accessing your belongings easy but does mean they take up a lot of room.

Seating Area

Seating Area

JW Marriott Venice Bedroom 2

Bottled water, chocolates and complimentary macaroons were provided in the room which was a nice touch.

Complimentary Macaroons

Complimentary Macaroons

The bathroom was too small given the size of the room. It had only one sink which, if you’ve read my previous review on The Rosewood Abu Dhabi, you’ll know is a pet peeve of mine. Once I had my shower another drawback with the bathroom became clear, the shower was badly designed so that water flowed out all over the floor with several towels needed to mop it up. I should say at this point that the hotel was only 4 months old when we stayed and it was obvious it had some teething issues. With that in mind I dismissed the shower issue as a settling in problem assuming shower doors and bathroom designs would be addressed at some point in the future.

JW Marriott Resort Bathroom

For our first night we stayed in the hotel for dinner as we were quite tired from our travels and as the JW Marriot is on its own island we couldn’t face getting back on another boat to head to the mainland. We grabbed a table at Sagra rooftop restaurant.

View from Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

View from Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

The view was fantastic looking out over the lagoon and Venice itself, unfortunately the service was confused and slow. The food was good however and the surroundings tranquil and relaxing.

Breakfast next morning was great, there was a big choice of hot items, pastries, cereals, breads, fruits and yoghurt. Also being in Europe it was great to have pork bacon and sausage as an option. I do miss these at breakfast when we’re in hotels in the Middle East.

We took the complimentary water taxi shuttle the next morning to the mainland which was a good service and spent the morning and early afternoon sightseeing and shopping.

When we got back to the hotel early afternoon The Husband and I went for swim in one of the hotel’s two pools. They have a rooftop pool exclusively for adults and a family pool located in the grounds of the hotel. We’d been informed by reception there’s usually more space at the family pool so opted for that. The pool area was very modern in keeping with the rest of the hotel’s design. It isn’t large and doesn’t seem designed for children particularly however, we spent a pleasant hour there. The water didn’t seem to be temperature controlled but we are spoiled in the Middle East with our chilled pools in summer. I don’t think it’s usual to find this elsewhere.

The family pool

The family pool

After our dip was when issues with the hotel kicked in. The AC in our room decided it had had enough I think and and wasn’t going to cool anymore. We had known this was a problem the hotel had experience previously however, they had assured us via email prior to our arrival that all the AC issues had now been fixed. This was obviously not the case however and on return from our night out on the second evening our room was very warm indeed.

We complained to reception and to cut a long story short, at some point during the night we were supplied with a portable AC unit. The next day we spoke with the duty manager who agreed to compensate us for the night’s stay due to the AC issues which was very fair of him. He also allowed my Mum, who was taking a later flight out of Venice, to keep her room all day which again was very accommodating.

My overall opinion of the JW Marriott Venice is that it’s a new hotel that still needs to find its feet and iron out some issues. I wouldn’t recommend against staying here, I would merely advise you delay your visit for a few months while the team fully come to grips with running the hotel and hopefully they sort out their AC issues.


  • Contemporary decor and furnishings
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland so makes for a relaxing break
  • Good pools and outdoor areas


  • New hotel so still has some teething issues including AC issues
  • Staff seem a bit confused at times with regard to service
  • Bathrooms are too small and the showers are badly designed

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