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Hotel Stay – Lux* Belle Mare


Having only just got back from our summer travels, I have to say I wasn’t all that much looking forward to our trip to Mauritius. I know, I know, I sound like a proper Dubai t*@t saying that, I mean who the hell doesn’t want to go on a holiday, right?! But after being away from our home for so long and only having just got used to life back in Dubai, I really wasn’t keen to pack our bags AGAIN and get on ANOTHER plane. Yes, life is hard sometimes ? However, after another great Emirates flight where the staff were just fantastic with our little man, we arrived in absolute paradise.

Lux* Belle Mare is situated, funnily enough in Belle Mare, on the slight North East of the tiny island of Mauritius. For some reason, even though so many people had said how beautiful it was, I hadn’t really prepared myself for the stunning surroundings of Mauritius. It is a proper, bounty advert (for those of you who remember those ads), paradise island. All crystal clear waters and white sands fringed by palm trees with the back drop of lush, vegetation covered mountains in the distance.

Arrival at the hotel was easy. We took the coastal road and with relatively no traffic we were there, as predicted by our driver, in exactly an hour.

We reached the hotel about 6:30pm. The beauty of travelling to Maurtius from Dubai is that there’s no time difference. It makes it super easy when travelling with a baby as there was no jet lag to contend with. Check in at the hotel wasn’t as smooth as some we’ve had and we were left in reception feeling a bit lost. It wasn’t long however, before our wonderful butler, Sanju, was whisking us away on a buggy to our beautiful villa that was to be our home for the next 7 nights.

We booked a villa as we thought it would be the easiest option with Casper. Not only would we have our own outside space and pool, it would give us more room at night when he was sleeping and we wanted to have dinner in the villa or watch some TV. At Lux* Belle Mare, they have a total of 12 villas set slightly to one side of the main hotel. This gives a feeling of privacy, especially as the villas have their own section of beach as well. All suites and villas have been designed by Kelly Hoppen and her pared back, minimalist style is evident throughout. The bedroom and bathroom were a great size, very light and airy with a floor to ceiling window in the bathroom next to the pool.

The living room/dining room was perfectly sized for a family and with so much space we felt utterly relaxed and content, without constantly falling over our things all the time.  A great addition to these villas that we’ve not had in previous hotels is a small kitchen area which is where the staff enter the villa to give you some privacy should you be in the main part of the living space.

Our villa was an Ocean View villa and whilst it wasn’t a beachfront one, you could definitely see the beach and the sea from the seating area. Out of the back gate, it was a 30 second walk down to the beach which was just perfect. The beach attendant, Selva, got to know us and every morning when he saw us coming he would lay out our towels on the beds we liked with a huge bean bag next to them for Cas. Amazing service! Of course, with an 11 month old you’re not doing much lazing on sun loungers but it’s nice to have a base to keep your stuff on. We spent most of our time playing in the sand and splashing in the stunningly clear blue water.

Food wise the Lux* Belle Mare also scored incredibly highly. One of my issues with resort style hotels is often the lack of variety in the food options. The Lux* Belle Mare got round this by having the biggest number of restuarants I’ve seen in a hotel of this nature. The choices were fantastic, including a beach restaurant with a decidedly Ibizaesque vibe, a very cool, Vintage Rolls Royce Food Truck and all day dining in K Bar. There was also more upmarket Duck Laundry, a Chinese restaurant and the signature restaurant of the resort, Amari by Vineet. We ate in all of them and had great experiences bar one evening in Mixe, the buffet restaurant. However, we gave feedback to the restaurant manager and the team could not have been more apologetic and at pains to rectify things after that so we couldn’t really fault them. Mistakes happen, it’s how establishments deal with them that really makes the difference and Lux* Belle Mare scored very well in this area.

It’s not often I come back from a trip with barely a issue at all to report but that was happily the case with this hotel and Mauritius in general. If I had one tiny issue, it might be that the hotel was more set up to deal with package tours by the looks of it. Whilst, for once, we did actually book through an agent, we don’t normally. When we enquired about booking a specific activity for The Husbands birthday they gently steered us back to our tour operator so they obviously have a no compete clause. Which is absolutely fine, only our agent didn’t quite understand what we wanted which was a private picnic on a deserted beach, just the three of us. What we got was a private transfer to a beach picnic with lots of people that was obviously a standard trip. That said, the food was wonderful and we had a great day so no harm done. I’d just be a little more specific with my requirements next time.

If you’ve ever thought about going to Mauritus, my advice would be, book it now! We had a brilliant time and Lux* Belle Mare was absolutely perfect for a family. We’d love to go back one day.

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