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Hotel Stay: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi


`Day time Pool Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

The Husband and I recently took my Mum for a night away in the capital. We decided to stay at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island as we wanted a relaxing break as well as being able to go out for dinner in Abu Dhabi itself. As the journey between the two is only approx 20 minutes Saadiyat was the perfect choice. We picked the Park Hyatt as we’d already stayed at St. Regis Saadiyat and I wanted to check out the Park Hyatt and see how it compared.


Lobby Lounge

We picked a very busy weekend to stay at the hotel unfortunately and reception was crowded when we arrived. However, they had a good system in place and we were seated in the lobby with a choice of soft drinks and small snacks while we waited to check in. We didn’t have to wait too long.

3. Seaview King

Sea View King Room

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a Sea View King Room. It was nicely laid out with a generous sized bathroom and a spacious balcony. The balcony had two sun loungers and sofa seating so was perfect for those who prefer some privacy with their outside space.


King Bathroom

The Park Hyatt hotels nearly all feature minimilaist décor and a simple clean look, the Park Hyatt Saadiayt is no exception. It has a slightly more Arabic slant to the interiors but still follows the main aesthetic of the brand. There are areas that verge on the austere, the outside of the resort for example is quite a severe look but is softened with the landscaping.


The outdoor areas are well laid out and the pools are beautiful. The day beds down the side of the main pool give a luxurious feel and the adults only pool is wonderful for those without ankle biters in tow. Adults without kids need a separate space to relax and more hotels need to cater for this. The private beach is gorgeous with white soft sand and some of the clearest waters I’ve seen outside of the Maldives.

Beach Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Service was one area I felt could have done with some work, however, this was an exceptionally busy weekend- a public holiday in October, very high season for the UAE – so we understood why there might have been a few gaps in the service at times.

We had dinner out of the hotel but did have lunch and breakfast there. Lunch was good, we ate in the more casual Café restaurant rather than the more upmarket Beach venue. I would have preferred the beach venue however, we weren’t looking for refined cuisine at lunch, we wanted pasta and burgers type of food so opted for that. What we had was very good. Breakfast was fine, nothing too noteworthy and it was extremely busy so quite long waits for the egg station.


The Cafe

The Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi seem to have a very strange policy when it comes to billing which was also mentioned by Shelina from DeCluttr Me in her blog which you can read here. When we checked in they said they would reserve 300 AED (approx 80 USD) on our credit card for extras, no issues there although it seemed like a very low amount to me. A round of drinks and it would be gone, so what would they do after that? Just build up credit on our account and then debit the rest on check out I assumed. Well you know what they say about assuming. Every time we ordered anything after the 300 AED limit had been reached they debited the amount straight off our card so we were inundated with texts for small amounts taken from our bank. It’s a very bizarre way to bill guests in my opinion, why not just block a larger amount on guests cards and then do all the transactions on check out like every other hotel in the world? This way end up paying the same amount but it’s much more annoying and could lead to lots of issues if they charged the wrong amounts.

Overall I very much enjoyed our stay at the Park Hyatt but I do feel that St. Regis has a slight edge over it’s competitor. It may be a slightly unfair comparison given that we stayed at the latter on a weekday and the former on a holiday weekend however, I just feel service wise St. Regis was superior. However, the Park Hyatt has a better pool and it felt like a nicer beach even though it’s the same one, just a bit further along, so it probably depends on what’s more important to you when deciding which one to book. I would actually struggle to choose between them for a return visit, I loved the St. Regis but I’d go to Park Hyatt again just for their gorgeous beach.

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Lisa Pillmore 8-Dec-15 - 4:00 pm

Great notes on this hotel, Krysia. I would definitely not, however, give the Park Hyatt any excuses for lapses in service (other than slight delays) due to the holiday – well-trained staff should know how to handle peak flows without customers noticing, and management should have added more staff if necessary. The charging policy does seem to be an odd lapse in judgement. I hope they see your comments and reassess.

Krysia 8-Dec-15 - 4:15 pm

It’s a good point Lisa, they should be able to handle things, even when at capacity. The billing is just bizarre and I really hope they do review as it’s clearly not just us who had an issue with it


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