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How spending money can make you richer


How Spending Money Can Make You Richer

This morning I read a quote in The Sunday Times (required reading every week in this household) that said ‘travel is the only thing you can spend money on and come back richer’. This sums up exactly the way I, and I suspect many others, feel about travel.

If you go and buy a pair of gorgeous designer shoes, yes you will think they are lovely and yes you can admire them for many years to come hopefully. But after a while, they stop being special, they just become shoes like any other. You might like them slightly more than some of your cheaper shoes and save them for special occasions but like anything, over time the specialness wears off and it’s not overly long before you’re thinking about the next purchase.

With travel, the memories of a fabulous trip do not diminish over time, if anything they glow brighter, distance making us forget that we got sunburnt climbing that mountain we keep telling people about or that the weather really was too chilly at night to sit out comfortably to look at that stunning view. The human mind tends to romanticise the past in such a way as to make even the worst trip sometimes seem not all that bad when looking back. There’s always something you can find to laugh about after a bad trip, even if it really was quite bad. I refer you to the picture below, a cake which was supposed to be celebrating my birthday not The Husbands at a hotel off the coast of Abu Dhabi.IMG_4376

I won’t mention the name but it really was quite the worst hotel experience we’ve ever had in a supposed 5 * hotel but we spent most of it killing ourselves laughing at the Fawlty Towers like experience. A bad trip can forge as many bonds and experiences between you as travelers as a good one can.

The one consistently big outlay in our house is travel. We don’t spend a lot on clothes or accessories, we don’t tend to go out that much anymore and we don’t have fancy cars (by Dubai standards anyway) what we do try to have is numerous and frequent trips every year. I can’t think of a better way to spend money and only twice have I come back from a holiday thinking that perhaps I might have been better to have kept the money and not bothered. Even so, both of those were experiences and have shaped the way I would choose and book a holiday in the future so weren’t a complete waste. Some of the trips we’ve spent a small fortune on have been so stunningly amazing that I feel I’d spend the money all over again just to experience it once more. These include:

Flying around New Zealand in a tiny 4 seater plane being flown by your new husband

New Zealand - How spending money can make you richer

Song Saa – full review coming soon in another post but blasts all other ‘luxury hideaways’ out of the water

Song Saa - How spending money can make you richer

Flying First Class – O.K so we didn’t pay for this, we used our miles to upgrade but what an experience

Flying First Class - How spending money can make you richer

China – amazing to finally see a country I’ve read and heard so much about

China - How spending money can make you richer

Cape Town – possibly one of our favourite trips ever

South Africa - How spending money can make you richer

The Orient Express (Parts 1 and 2) – a trip back to the glamorous days of travel

Orient Express - How spending money can make you richer

If you’re deciding whether it’s worth booking that trip you’ve always wanted to do my advice is go for it. You’ll forget about the money you’ve spent once you’re there but the memories will last a lifetime.

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