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How to tell if it’s summer in Dubai


dubai sunIn most parts of the world summer is something to be celebrated and is actively looked forward to for most of the winter and it’s passing is sadly mourned. In the Gulf, summer is something to be dreaded, with many a comment uttered by residents along the lines ‘make the most of it, summer will be here before you know it’. That’s because with daytime temps sometimes hitting 50 and always hitting the low 40’s it’s incredibly hot and unbearable outside and even at night, when it often only drops to the low 30s which is not at all pleasant.

There is however, a period of time when it feels like summer is here but it might just be the weather playing with us and giving us a taste of the aforementioned high temperatures before cooling down and giving frazzled citizens a few days respite before ramping up again. Is this summer? Is it just a spike? I’ve pulled together a checklist below, if you answer yes to 4 or more of the below it’s probably summer. Batten down the hatches and settle in for a looong spell in doors under the AC

  1. Switch the water heater off and turn the tap to cold. Have you burnt your hand?
  2. Sit on the loo. Is it nice and warm around your nether regions due to cold water now being hot?
  3. Go outside for 60 seconds. Does it feel like you’ve been sat inside a hairdryer?
  4. Are you able to drive from one end of Dubai to the other during rush hour in 30 minutes or less as all the sane people have left?
  5. When you walk outside do your glasses or sunglasses instantly steam up making visibility impossible?
  6. Also when you walk outside of any building, can you still use your phone or is it covered in condensation rendering the touch screen virtually useless?
  7. If you leave your car outside in the sun for 5 minutes does the steering wheel burn your hands?
  8. Have you had to switch the chiller unit on in your pool to avoid feeling like you’re stepping into a hot bath?
  9. Does your hair turn into a frizzy mess every time you step outside?
  10. Are you obsessively planning skiing holidays or just looking longingly at pictures of people in the snow?

If you’ve answered yes to more than 4 and concluded it probably is summer read my tips here on how to survive the next four months. Enjoy!

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