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In Praise of the Staycation


In Praise Of The StaycationThis weekend in Dubai will see a mass exodus of people escaping from the searing summer heat to cooler climes around the world. Not only do the kids break up from school but it’s also Eid Al Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan so a double whammy. Whilst some will just be opting for a short break to take account of the public holiday, many will be leaving for a good month or more to get some respite from the soaring temperatures.

This will be the first Eid we’ve not gone away for a holiday. In previous years we’ve either arranged our summer trip around the holiday or made a separate travel plan as staying here during what is essentially free time off, i.e. not out of your annual leave allowance, always seemed crazy in the past. This year however, we’re toughing it out in the city.

We considered a last minute trip to Zanzibar and Sri Lanka but both were discounted. Zanzibar because of the transfer times and Sri Lanka because of the weather. Ultimately we’ve chosen to stay where we are and save the money.

A staycation somewhere hot and sunny with a pool in the back garden and a plethora of five star hotels on your doorstep may not sound like much of a chore, in fact on paper it sounds like a dream come true. The reality is somewhat different. With temperatures this weekend set to feel like 64 degrees the truth of it is that we’re desperately trying to think of things to do that don’t involve going outside unless submerged in water.

However, I’ve decided these are the plus points of a staycation.

  • Saving money. At some point we want to buy a house either here in Dubai or elsewhere and so we really need to save some more cash
  • Your own bed. Nothing beats having your own bed. I love ours so much, I really miss it when I’m sleeping elsewhere.
  • Casper having his own bed, bedroom and routines. Since having a baby I’ve realised how much easier it is when they have all their things around them and you can stick to their routines. Less hassle and less planning involved.
  • No packing. The bane of my life. I can’t stand packing and unpacking and all those agonising decisions about which damn shoes to take (yes, yes I know. I should try having real problems if I think which shoes to take is an agonising decision)
  • No 4am wake up calls to get to the airport to then sit in a lounge for 2 hours
  • Our lovely nanny/helper Renuka is here to help with babysitting if we occasionally want to go out. Whilst we could use hotel services I feel much more comfortable leaving Casper in the care of someone he’s known since he was born, who he sees every day and who he loves.
  • Knowing where the best restaurants are and not having to guess or take pot luck. Whilst this is half the fun when you travel, it’s also nice occasionally to just know where you’re going and know what you’re going to get.

With a combination of brunch, pool time, seeing friends, going for dinner and some indoor attractions such as The Green Planet, I think we might just make it through the next few days. Either that or we’ll go mad with with cabin fever. Wish us luck!

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