Welcome To The World Casper McKechnie

welcome-to-the-world-casper-mckechnieSo no more pregnancy posts as our beautiful baby boy has finally arrived. It feels unbelievably strange to actually have him here beside me instead of inside me but also fantastic. The last week has been an absolutely roller coaster of emotions and hormones, I can scarcely believe he’s now just over a week old. How has it been that long since he made his way, yowling very loudly, into the world?

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The Pregnancy Diaries – Week 36

The Pregnancy Diaries Week 37Ok so I’m pretty much done with pregnancy now. Between chronic heartburn and horrendously swollen ankles I’m getting pretty desperate to see the end even though that’s means going through labour. My pregnancy hormones are at full capacity and the poor Husband is coping amazingly well with my raging mood swings. I think both of us will be glad when this is over and it’s not just because we’ll get to meet our baby!

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