Packing For A Glamorous Trip


I hate it when I get somewhere only to realise I don’t have the right outfit and this invariably seems to happen to me so I’ve avoided the issue in recent years by just taking nearly all my clothes with me. My motto is, “it’s a target, not a limit” in reference to the luggage allowance. This has worked for the past few years that I’ve been living here as we fly on Emirates (being the airline that goes to the most places we want to go to) and their standard luggage allowance of 30kg is very generous. That coupled with the extra allowance you get for being a silver or gold member means I’ve been able to take A LOT of stuff with me on my travels.

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New Zealand By Air

Flying New Zealand

When I went to Australia 7 years ago I didn’t have enough time to visit it’s close neighbour, New Zealand and I vowed I would be back. Fast forward a few years and I met and married a man who has a private pilot’s licence and wanted to put it to good use on our honeymoon. We did some research and it turned out that New Zealand and more specifically, the South Island, came highly recommended for flying holidays so we made sure it was part of itinerary on the trip.

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