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The Pregnancy Diaries – Week 36


The Pregnancy Diaries Week 37Ok so I’m pretty much done with pregnancy now. Between chronic heartburn and horrendously swollen ankles I’m getting pretty desperate to see the end even though that’s means going through labour. My pregnancy hormones are at full capacity and the poor Husband is coping amazingly well with my raging mood swings. I think both of us will be glad when this is over and it’s not just because we’ll get to meet our baby!

Well being

The heartburn has got worse and I’m now reduced to carrying around a bottle of Gaviscon with me wherever I go and swigging from it like some old wino with a booze bag (if only!). My ankles have now reached comedy proportion size and even the three pairs of flip flops/sandals I could previously fit into are now leaving deep marks on my poor feet. Joy! I’ve also had to remove my wedding and engagement rings as they were getting far too tight although luckily my hands aren’t suffering as badly as my feet. I’m pretty tired now and I’m not sleeping all that well thanks to the constant toilet trips during the night.


Some days I can’t wait to meet this new little person and other days I’m a little bit unsure about how I feel about the impending arrival. I just can’t imagine what it must be like to not only have yourself to think about anymore and to have to factor in someone else to every decision. Obviously being married has an element of that but I know The Husband is an adult (sort of) and can mostly fend for himself. I know it won’t be like that with a baby and all the myriad things I’ll have to think about sometimes overwhelm me.


I’m still forcing myself to exercise as much as I can, if only because I’ve read that exercise can help reduce my elephant ankles. I now aim for a swim, 2 pre-natal pilates sessions and 2 gym sessions a week. It seems like a lot but I feel it’s more important than ever to keep moving now, even if the temptation to sink into the sofa with lots of cake is very strong. I’ll carry on doing what I can until I really feel I can’t do anymore

Nursery prep

Ahh the nursery. We’ve spent so much time getting this room ready although a lot of the time I question who we’re doing it for. Mostly us I suspect, since the baby won’t really care what the room looks like. But it felt so important to try our best to get a beautiful room ready for this special arrival. Some of it we’ve loved like putting up little wall decorations and choosing what books to go on his shelves. Others have been a bit more trying, like finding a decent chair to go in the room. We’re nearly there, just have a few more pictures to go up and we’ll be done. I’ll be doing a whole separate post on the nursery as I’m now pretty pleased with how it’s looking.


We’ve done our ante natal classes and I even went to a class on how to bath the baby. I thought it was probably a good idea to learn how to not drown the poor thing when we first wash him! Turns out there were quite a few things I didn’t know such as needing to have the water warmer than I would have thought was best and how to hold them so they don’t slip out of your grasp. All useful stuff.


With all healthcare in Dubai being private (apart from in an emergency) you have a lot more choice around birth. My doctor seems to be very pro C section, I think from his point of view it’s easier to control and also seems safer from a medical perspective. At the moment I’m still set on a normal birth (with lots of drugs thank you very much!) but obviously should the need arise then the most important thing is that both baby and I are safe so C section will be the best option. I haven’t got any big detailed birth plan, people keep asking me about it and I’m fairly ambivalent about the whole thing. I just think what will be, will be and no amount of music or soft lighting is going to make any difference. Perhaps I’m wrong, I’ll let you know afterwards.

There’s so very little time left (hopefully) just the two of us, it’s equally exciting and scary at the same time. We both can’t wait to meet this little miracle baby that we thought for a long time might never appear. Here’s hoping our angel arrives without too much drama and with both of us in one piece!

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Liloneoftheashes 13-Sep-16 - 1:50 pm

Exciting!!!!!! I highly recommend doing a breastfeeding course if you haven’t already done one!!!! All the best 🙂

Krysia 13-Sep-16 - 3:31 pm

Have sort of covered it in ante natal class but great idea to do a single class just on breastfeeding! It’s one area I’m worried that I might struggle so thanks for the tip!!

Gary Poulton 13-Sep-16 - 3:41 pm

Hi Krys,

Love the descriptive summary, so glad I am not a women, its all too complicated for us men to comprehend!!

Nice the picture, was that taken in your house???

You still look like that little girl I once knew with a football stuck up your school dress?

Hope it all goes well for you both, please let us know as soon as he makes and appearance xx

Gary x

Krysia 13-Sep-16 - 4:14 pm

?? yes, I think the human race may well have died out if procreation was left to men, Gaz!! Haha.

Thanks so much, will definitely let you guys know when baby makes an appearance ?

Esther burns 13-Sep-16 - 3:43 pm

Always look forward to your blog
, glad you keeping well apart from the heartburn and ankles xxx

Krysia 13-Sep-16 - 4:19 pm

Thanks Esther! Not doing too bad, tired of the heartburn though ?

Nia 13-Sep-16 - 4:05 pm

Lovely to read how all the prep is coming along. Not long now sweets xxxx

Krysia 13-Sep-16 - 4:17 pm

Thanks lovely! So close now, fingers crossed all goes well ?

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