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August Favourite Buys

I’m not a massive shopper by some standards. Given the choice I would prefer to spend my money on travel rather than ‘things’, however, every so often you do have to have a wardrobe update. These are my favourite summer buys.

Bag – KEEPALL BANDOULIÈRE 55 from Louis Vuitton

I mentioned this bag in an earlier post. I treated myself to it ahead of our Orient Express trip as I wanted to look the part on the train. I absolutely adore the Louis Vuitton pictures with all the classic luggage, I just wish I could have someone to transport all of those beautiful cases for me! As 20 cases of varying sizes was not an option I went for the more practical holdall. Yes it’s pricey but it turned out to be a great buy and I’ve already used it on two separate occasions as well as the big trip it was purchased for. Lightweight and durable, it packs flat if you need it to as I did when we moved on to our next destination after our trip on the Orient Express, but can also hold a surprising amount. So far this bag has definitely been worth the money and I’m just in love with the beautiful monogramming on the luggage label.

Shoes – Jupiter Mid Heel Ghillie from Topshop

I saw these shoes in Birmingham Topshop when I was last in the UK. I’ve been looking for some lace up shoes for a couple of months but there seemed to be a dearth of them in the UAE. I was actually looking for flats but found these instead and the mid height heel makes them perfect for all day wear.

Racer back tops – New Look

I love the narrow back and they go well with jeans and shorts. I loved the black one so much I bought the orange and white ones as well.

Gold Necklace – New Look

Picked this up at the same time as the summer tops and I seem to be wearing it way more than any of my other jewellery at the moment. Costume jewellery is my favourite, cheap and on trend, it’s a quick fix when you’re having one of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days – (me, every day)

AG Jeans – The Farrah Skinny 

Every time I buy posh jeans I always try on JBrand denim and end up putting them mournfully back. They just never fit me properly. I’m a big fan of Citizens of Humanity jeans, they always seem to fit just right but I wanted a change. A very helpful sales assistant in Selfidges suggested these Farrah Skinny’s and I was hooked. Great fit, comfortable and more importantly for the long limbed, they don’t end half way up my shins.

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