In Praise of the Staycation

In Praise Of The StaycationThis weekend in Dubai will see a mass exodus of people escaping from the searing summer heat to cooler climes around the world. Not only do the kids break up from school but it’s also Eid Al Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan so a double whammy. Whilst some will just be opting for a short break to take account of the public holiday, many will be leaving for a good month or more to get some respite from the soaring temperatures.

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How to tell if it’s summer in Dubai

dubai sunIn most parts of the world summer is something to be celebrated and is actively looked forward to for most of the winter and it’s passing is sadly mourned. In the Gulf, summer is something to be dreaded, with many a comment uttered by residents along the lines ‘make the most of it, summer will be here before you know it’. That’s because with daytime temps sometimes hitting 50 and always hitting the low 40’s it’s incredibly hot and unbearable outside and even at night, when it often only drops to the low 30s which is not at all pleasant.

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Try It, You Might Like It

Beach PoloOne of the great things about living in Dubai is the opportunity to try new things. We’re a relatively small city and most parts of the town are within easy reach so whenever an event is on, it’s usually quite easy to attend. You can pretty much always get tickets, it’s not often that events sell out completely far in advance the way they do in the UK or rest of Europe and we’re lucky to have a whole range of sporting and cultural events take place here all year.

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