6 Essential Items For New Parents

5-essentials-items-for-new-parentsNever has our house had so much stuff before. It’s hard to believe that babies need quite as much paraphernalia as they seem to. I’m sure we’ve gone massively over the top but so far most things we’ve bought have been used. The play mat may have been a little bit of an early purchase as he seems to get overwhelmed quickly but other than that, most of the things we’ve bought have already been well used. These are the things I’ve found to be the most useful

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The Pregnancy Diaries – Week 30

The Pregnancy Diaries - Week 30I can’t believe I’m finally at week 30 of my pregnancy. At the beginning I was just hoping and praying that I would get to 12 weeks and now that seems like a very distant memory. With only 10 weeks to go until the big finale it’s all starting to get a lot more real now and there have been many conversations with The Husband about the fact that parenthood is imminent. We’re both very excited but also apprehensive as you can imagine. I’m worried about all the sleepless nights and the huge responsibility that comes with raising a child. Luckily, The Husband is remarkably calm and is mostly just looking forward to it all.  He’s not a big worrier and helps to keep me calm when I go slightly insane with all the hormones (and also when there are no hormones involved, I’m naturally a little bit crazy!)

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