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The Pregnancy Diaries – Week 24


The Pregnancy Diaries - Week 24 - Me 24 weeks on from my last post and I’m feeling much more pregnant now. I’ve still only got a relatively small bump ( although it feels massive to me!) but it’s getting much more noticeable and I’m firmly in maternity clothes pretty much all the time. We attended our first ante natal class this weekend which was really good and gave us A LOT of information that we didn’t know, it was great to understand how it all works here in Dubai as some things are quite different. Below I’m sharing all the latest progress updates from the last 4 weeks


I’ve been exercising regularly for many years and being told to stop working out in the gym after my egg transfer back in January was tough. My doctor advised the most I could do at the time was walking – yawn! So I did some big walks 3 times a week when I could but Dubai is not a walking city and I found it hard to fit it in. Even in early pregnancy my IVF doctor was still insisting exercise was a no no which was intensely frustrating. Finally by week 10 I’d had enough and starting swimming a couple of times of week which was deemed safe enough by my Doc. At 14 weeks I started pre-natal Yoga where I looked a bit strange as I had no bump and everyone else was much more advanced. Eventually at 16 weeks my delivery doctor (confusing I know) signed me off to start back at the gym which was great. So ever since I’ve been back with my trainer twice a week. Obviously I’m doing much more low impact workouts and lighter weights but it’s really great to feel like myself again for a couple of hours each week. I’ve also taken up pre-natal Pilates which I’m enjoying a lot. I personally find the pre-natal yoga a bit pointless but I‘ve bought a series of classes now so I’ll carry on until they run out.


Obviously weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable and not only that but desirable if only so you know your baby is growing and healthy. I actually wasn’t bothered at all about my weight gain until my last doctors appointment when she commented that I’d put on a lot in 5 weeks. Erm, thanks! Since the start I’ve put on about 6 kg so far or just under a stone which according to all the online calculators is right in the middle of normal and my actual weight for 24 weeks is also average so I’m not overly worried. However, I might need to lay off the cakes somewhat.


On the subject of cakes, oh my, I just want to eat all the food, all the time. On some days it seems like I’ve got no stop button when it comes to eating which is not something I’ve had a problem with in the past. I also have a particular craving for sweet things, cake specifically which is bizarre as for my whole life up until this point I couldn’t really have given you a thank you for a piece of cake. Crisps, yes, Chocolate, sometimes but never cake and now it’s all I can think about. I’m trying to be good, with chopped vegetables for snacks and fruit etc but some days I have to give in. I’ve reasoned that I’m saving loads of calories not drinking wine so cake must be allowed, surely?!


Any excuse to shop is awesome, however, I have been very overwhelmed by all the products out there in the market that you apparently need for your baby. Sometimes though, I can be a marketers dream and this is definitely one of those times. They obviously know you want the best for your baby and play on that and hands up, I’m being totally suckered in but I don’t care really. Some of the stuff is just so adorable I can’t help myself. Even The Husband has been getting carried away which isn’t really like him. Luckily we’ve set some money aside to help pay for all these items so now it’s just a matter of choosing them. The biggest headache so far has been trying to purchase the buggy we want. It’s currently out of stock everywhere and not even sold in the UAE at all so we’re trying our best to sort out locating one when we’re back in the UK next month. John Lewis have been pretty helpful so far so here’s hoping. We’ve already picked out the cot and changing table we like and we’ll also get the car seat and base next time we’re back in the UK (everything is so much cheaper than in the UAE!) My friend Janet, who is also pregnant, has just sent me a link to this awesome site Mummy and Little Me and I’m drooling over some of the gorgeous changing bags on here, very pricey for some but oh so beautiful! They see me coming!!

All things being well I hope to be able to share more updates next month on how things are going and hopefully all the lovely things we’ve managed to finally got hold of, fingers crossed!


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Esther burns 21-Jun-16 - 12:19 pm

Your blog is so interesting, it’s great being able to follow your pregnancy, so glad you are well and you look fab ??

Krysia 22-Jun-16 - 9:07 am

Thanks so much Esther! Enjoying this trimester, not sure what the next one is going to bring!


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