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waiting-for-the-end-1-2O.k so my last post wasn’t strictly the last one about pregnancy, I’m still flipping pregnant and just waiting for the end now. After having been pregnant for 9 months and having the fertility treatment before that it’s been a long time since I felt my body was my own. Below are some of the things I’m desperate to do again.


I’m not an alcoholic (honest) but I’ve really missed wine over the last 10 months or so. There are few pleasures greater than sitting down with your other half and enjoying a really good bottle of wine or two together. That’s not to say I haven’t had a glass here and there after I got to the 20 week mark but it’s not really the same. I’d like to be able to have more than one glass and also not feel guilty about any alcohol that’s touched my lips. There’s still that feeling you shouldn’t have anything as that’s now the official advice so I’m thinking it’ll be heaven to be able to sip away and not care too much. In anticipation of drinking again we’ve stocked up on all my favourite wines. That said, I’ve heard I’ll be too tired to drink much and I’m planning to breastfeed if I can so that will put the brakes on too much drinking for a while.

Food, glorious food

Whilst there has been no shortage of cake consumed during pregnancy I’ve missed other foods that are apparently off limits to pregnant women. I love pate and soft cheeses A LOT and luckily here in the UAE most cheese is pasteurised so I’ve not done too badly with that but oh, I’ve missed pate! Weirdly because I don’t eat it that often as the Husband doesn’t like it so we don’t buy it much to eat at home but you always want what you can’t have don’t you?

Exercising hard

Although I’ve carried on exercising a lot I’ve obviously had to cut back on the more vigorous side of things. I miss being able to really go for it in the gym and work up a sweat so I’m looking forward to getting back in there after the birth (whenever I’m able to, I’m no masochist) and really giving it some welly. My trainer keeps cackling with glee anytime we mention the after birth workouts so I know I’m in for the serious burn when I get back to it.

Lying on my front

Oh to be able to lie on my stomach! I’m desperate to do this again although I assume I may have to wait a bit longer than just after birth due to boob pain?? Anyone want to let me know?

Weight loss

Actually this one has already started and at my last doctors appointment I’d lost 1.3kg. Not sure how that’s happened since there’s been no let up in the amount of  cake and chocolate I’ve been stuffing in my mouth. Although apparently it’s quite common at this stage of pregnancy as the amniotic fluid level drops causing the loss. I’m not too worried about losing the weight as I know it’ll happen but it will be great to be able to just get up from the sofa or bed again without an immense amount of effort

Wearing all my clothes again

For the last month or so I’ve sort of been rotating about 4 outfits as I’m pretty much too big for most other things now. It feels odd to look at all my other clothes and think that I used to have so much choice! Admittedly only 4 outfits makes getting dressed a lot faster and easier but I really miss my wardrobe. Same for shoes. I’ve been in the same two pairs of dressy flip flops for weeks and I’m desperate to wear something else. These feet had better go back to their pre pregnancy size otherwise I’m going to be one very upset new mummy. Ditto for my wedding & engagement ring, it feels so odd not to be wearing them.

No heartburn

I’ve suffered so badly with heartburn throughout my pregnancy it’s been quite tough at times. I struggle with the condition even when I’m not pregnant however I control it with drugs which I’ve not been able to have whilst pregnant so I can’t wait to take my tablets again and not be permanently attached to a bottle of Gaviscon.

The baby

Oh yes, thought I’d forgotten something, obviously I’m looking forward to meeting the baby! Although still very apprehensive about it and hoping I’ll cope o.k – gulp!

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Natalie 28-Sep-16 - 10:20 am

Bless you K… all sounds very familiar… I always think pregnancy robs you of life’s simple pleasures… going for a good run, wearing you favourite jeans and necking a great g&t… trust me, the more you’ve missed those simple pleasures the sooner you’ll prioritise having them back, I bet you’re back to most of your favourite treats within a couple of months… definitely by Xmas. Good luck with the birth, you’ll walk it ?

Krysia 28-Sep-16 - 1:16 pm

Eeek! Thanks Natalie! I really hope that’s the case. Just the teensiest bit apprehensive at the moment 😉

April Whiteford (Mckechnie) 28-Sep-16 - 6:24 pm

So exciting. Take care xx

Krysia 29-Sep-16 - 7:46 am

Thanks April!

Amy 28-Sep-16 - 11:03 pm

Yep, sore boobs after giving birth will certainly stop you lying on your tummy! But hey! That only lasts for about a week or so! Although if you’re breastfeeding it might take longer (I bottle fed my son so I’m not too sure on that part). I was advised to wear sports bras or bras without an underwire (which I did to begin with but I hated that so went back to wired bras and soon changed again to the sports bras as it was too painful to wear wired ones!) You should be ok though! Good luck! I’ve enjoyed reading your pregnancy blog from Janice’s Facebook posts and look forward to seeing your little one 🙂 x

Krysia 29-Sep-16 - 7:48 am

Thanks so much for the advice Amy! I’ve bought a few maternity bras for afterwards but totally agree that the underwired ones are absolutely awful! Lets see how I get on. Really appreciate the comments, will be sure to post lots of pics when baby makes an appearance 🙂


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